Aracaju: Visit This Town For Beautifying Your Vacation

After stressful work, I had taken a vacation to one of the relaxing beaches and I was thankful to myself at the end of the trip for choosing this place. That place is none other than Aracaju, the capital city of Sergipe, Brazil.

  • 5kms from the center of the city, in Atalaia, there is a beach which is the most preferable one. Due to popularity, the place has some really good restaurants and hotels to stay nearby. I spent most of my time there. I was mesmerized with the natural beauty there. I also visited several other beaches there but eating crabs remain common at all places. I loved those dishes made of crabs. An evening with crabs and a bottle of beer with soulful music at the beach was my favorite thing there.
  • Real tourists believe that if you don’t visit local museums of any place you go, it is not the real trip honestly. I visited Palácio Museu Olímpio Campos. It has many historic furniture and decorations. It has several rooms of preserves and you get chills seeing them all. And luckily the entrance is free. Museu de Gente Sergipana is one more such museum that was built on the bank of the river, mainly describing the home state Sergipe.
  • A day spent in visiting Parque dos Falcões, the bird sanctuary and Oceanário tank consisting of turtles, eels and local fishes. Next day was spent on shopping at Mercado Thales Ferraz. It was an amazing place for clothes, crafts, food, and electronics. I brought 3-4 dresses there. Muqueca is a fish dish served either fried or cooked and it tastes really yummy.
  • I also took the time to go on outskirts of the city. I went to Mangue Seco which is towards the south of the city and near border of state Bahia. I also visited river Xingo which is an artificial lake.