Edmonton: Indulging In Surprisingly Fun Things To Do

things to do in Edmonton AlbertaEdmonton is basically a modern business town. However, it is packed with many things to do and see.  We found the city to be filled with green spaces and is within the reach of incredible landscapes, wilderness, and parks. Do not just take my word for it, visit the city and find out in person what it has to offer. Here are some of the best things you can do when you are in the city.


  • Royal Alberta Museum


It is home to a combination of natural history and permanent cultural exhibits. Also, the Royal Alberta Museum has some temporary installations. What impressed me were the fossils from eras of ice age and dinosaurs, the live insects, and the native fish aquaria.


  • Beaver Hills and Elk Island National Park


The hills have been home to Sarcee Indians. Hunting wiped out the buffalos and beavers that were to be found here. However, some of the buffalos and beavers had been captured and put in their own reserve.

Elk Island National Park consists of an area of wetlands and lakes. It is home to different types of wildlife including elk, moose, beaver, and deer. Nonetheless, the major attraction of the national park is the bison that grazes over a specific enclosure. If you drive slowly along the road, you will not miss out on these huge beasts.


  • West Edmonton Mall


One of the biggest shopping centers in Canada and I could not have missed out on this one. It is a primary tourist attraction. Apart from restaurants and shops, you will also find many other things to do including movie theatres, hotels, ice rink, a large water park, and much more. The GalaxyLand in the mall is the largest amusement park, indoors, that you will find in the world. You will find all types of rides here including a rollercoaster with a triple loop.