Municipality Evora – The City Having Story In Every Corner

Evora is the oldest and most enchanting city in European countries. When I read this in an article, I instantly decided to travel to the city and explore its beauty and trust me, it didn’t disappoint me at all. The town was ruled by the Moors for around 500 years and the imprints of the same are still visible in some corners of the city.

So, while taking a walk around the city, do check those imprints. However, the spots and monuments that I liked most in the city are:

  • Se (Cathedral)

This is the old and magnificent church. Those who have some knowledge of the architect can see the Romanesque to the Gothic, and who don’t possess the knowledge would be stunned to see this 14th century sculpted Apostles.

  • Roman Temple

This is one of the main attractions of the city and holds a huge historical importance. It is often referred to as the Temple of Diana among tourists. The structure has many histories, which you will get to know during your visit to the place.

  • Megaliths Tour

Someone told me about Megaliths Tour and took the drive of 15 Kms to reach this wonderful spot. The isolated megalithic Cromeleque dos Almendres is the mysterious structure. It is made up of 95 lichen-encrusted granite stones. The stones belong to 4000 -2000 BC. According to beliefs behind these stones, the Neolithic real estate is dedicated to the solar cult.

  • Arraiolos-Estremoz Circuit

Arraiolos, it is nearly 23 Kilometers from Evora. This is the best place for scenic lovers. Climb the steep mountain and from the top, you get the 360 amazing views of the Arraiolos-Estremoz Circuit. The surprise here is the houses painted in white and red color.

So, during your trip to Municipality-Evora, don’t miss these places or you will miss a lot.