Must Visit Spots In Matosinhos

Matosinhos is famous for seafood and an excellent dining experience. The city was the source of fist and seafood for Porto, but now Matosinhos has become one of the top tourist spots in the present time. The place witnesses huge inflow of tourist round the year. If you are also planning to travel to Matosinhos and seeking some guidance, here is the complete guide of the city for you all from my experience.

The main attraction of Matosinhos is Igreja do Bom Jesus de Matosinhos. The church is very famous and you can start your travel taking the blessings. The church belongs to the 16 century, but has been renovated by architects, so now, it has more of the 18th century look the 16th century. The main attraction of the church is the organ, so have a look at it for sure. It was built in 1685 by Micheal Hensberg, the Dutchman in Hamburg style.

The second and popular place in Matosihos according to me is Matosinhos Beach. It is the largest sandy beach in the whole of Porto area. While good swimmers can enjoy swimming here, and the rest can relax in bar and restaurants here, there are the ample number of handout places present on the beach.

Sea Changes it is a netting, hang round in shape places behind the beach as the mark for fishing industry of Matosihos. It is the first permanent public installation of Echelman and she is planning to install the similar structure all over the US and Canada establish by style She Changes. The beauty of this netting is it changes color at different times of the day, it has been made so.

The other popular, as well as attractive spots of Matosihos, are sea life Porto, Porto city landscape, Mosteiro De Lace do Balio.