Nanning: The Ideal Destination For Nature Lovers

Nanning has loads to offer if you are a nature lover. I visited Nanning to have a relaxing time and great away from the drab life. Visit this place to relax and enjoy the local cuisine, I can guarantee, Nanning is not going to disappoint you. Here are some places that you can visit during your exotic vacation at Nanning.

  • People’s Park

Take a stroll in this beautiful public park situated in Central Nanning. It is close to downtown of the city. Since it is located close to the White Dragon Lake, it is also known as the White Dragon Park. Enter the park and you will come across 141 steps. Climb the stairs to reach the top of the hill. Here, you will find an Ancestral Hall which has been built for honoring the six main personalities who helped to develop of Guangxi. Do not forget to check out the cannon at the top of the hill.

  • Detian Waterfall

Situated at Daxin County and close to Nanning City is the largest waterfall you will find in Asia. As a matter of fact, it is the world’s second largest transitional waterfall. Visit this place and you will never be disappointed. The height of the waterfall is 70 meter. The natural surrounding will take your breath away. In case you are visiting during spring, you will be able to see the spellbinding red blossoms on the kapok trees. The best time to visit the waterfall is in between April to November.

  • Qingxiu Mountain

In Nanning lies a beautiful and scenic mountain called the Qingxiu Mountain. It is a must-see place when you visit Nanning. The mountain is bordered by Yongjiang River. You can hike to the mountain that is surrounded by lush green trees. According to history, many temples had been built over the mountains in the time of the Song and Ming Dynasty. However, it had been eventually destroyed due to wars.