Obidos –A Charming Town & A Popular Picturesque Spot In Portugal

Obidos is undoubtedly one of the classic towns in Portugal known for its scenic locations. It has narrow roads, the charming houses with medieval castle and much more to make your visit interesting. The region that surrounds the town is also as fascinating as Obidos with a working fishing port of Peniche, the white sandy beaches and best collection of Buddha statues which can be found in Buddha Eden. The town has become a popular tourist destination for those who wish to go on longer holidays. Some of the major spots have been listed below.

  • Porta De Vila

A lovely tiled chapel can be seen on the main gate of Obidos which overlooks the actual thoroughfare. The tiles date back to the 18th century which is the blue and white shaded one known as Azulego. It portrays the passion of Christ and the ceiling displays the crown of thorns. The best part about Porta De Vila is that it passes between 2 entrances which were made to avoid a direct charge. It is quite an interesting spot and one should not miss it.

  • Walk the Town Walls

This is yet another beautiful spot as the town walls encircle Obidos completely. One can also walk the whole perimeter here. There are great views from the walls through the terracotta tiled roofs. The white painted houses are spectacular to view and are the main attraction of the town. The overall walk would take around one hour to complete.

  • Rua Direita

The main street of Obidos is the Rua Direita and is lined with a series of shops. These shops mainly focus on tourists as they deal with a wide range of beautiful gift and other traditional items. In order to ensure that the shoppers maintain their energy levels at all times, there are several stalls and cafes selling Ginja.