Visit The Historical City Nanjing To Check Its Beauty

Nanjing is the capital city of Jiangsu province, which is at the eastern part of China. The city is spread in 300km at the bank of Yangtze River, it is close to Shanghai and during the Ming Dynasty, it was the capital city if China.

This is the reason, the city has numerous monuments and relics of that time and one of the most famous landmarks is Zhonghua Gate also the Gate of China. This is a preserved structure of 14th-century. Basically, it is the huge wall and it has the entrance of the old city. When you will come to the spot, you will forget about clicking pictures. I am saying this because I too forget the same as I was so much socked in knowing the history of this place.

The other attraction of the city is Forested Purple Mountain, this is a great place to visit and have so many things to see and explore. The mountain got its name, Purple Mountain because purple and golden color clouds appear at the top of it during morning and evening hours. The other spots to visit here are: Mausoleum of Ming Xiaoling, Zhu Yuanzhang tomb who is the founder, Ming.

The Nanjing Museum is also the place that I liked. The museum has the wide-ranging collection of porcelain belongs to the Ming and Qing period, some classic painting of that time, old days jade ware and folk art.

The Sun Yet-Sen Mausoleum, Xuanwu Lake, The City Wall of Nanjing, the Presidential Palace, Linggu Temple, Zhan Garden, Mochou Lake, Ming Palace are some of the places I visited during my trip to the city and I liked it a lot. Some provided me with information about the history of the place and some gave me some picturesque moments to share.